We simply make cider from apples.


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The Story

Based in Thornbury, Victoria, Pink Lady cider co is focused on producing quality, delicious cider made from 100% Pink Lady apples that have been sourced locally from both Northern and
South-Eastern Victorian growing regions.

With origins that can be traced from backyard home brewing, Pink Lady cider co was founded in 2012, and continues to be committed to supporting other small businesses along our apples’ journey from
paddock to press to pint.

We love helping our friends create and celebrate shared experiences together, whatever the occasion.

We simply make cider from apples

Pink Lady cider is made in small batches to allow for maximum quality fruit to be chosen for press and fermentation. In doing so, we capture that real apple taste and take pride in never adding any apple flavoured concentrates or sugar. The result, a cider that carries the perfect balance of natural sweetness and acidity.

Melbourne Venues…

The Raccoon Club – Preston
The Peacock Inn Hotel – Northcote
Pelican’s Landing – Williamstown
The Brunswick Green – Brunswick
Galah Bar – Windsor
The Rainbow Hotel – Fitzroy
Fiftyfive Bar – CBD
The Golden Fleece Hotel – South Melbourne
The Thornbury Local – Thornbury

Terms & Conditions

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